Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language.
JavaScript is the programming language of the Web.
JavaScript is easy to learn.

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. It is complimentary to and integrated with Java. JavaScript is very easy to implement because it is integrated with HTML. It is open and cross-platform.

If you want to create dynamic functions in your website JavaScript is necessary. In this page complete use and syntax of JavaScript is given. There are various method to include JavaScript in html file.

JavaScript frameworks

  1. 1.  Angular
  2. 2.  React
  3. 3.  jQuery
  4. 4. Vue.js
  5. 5. Ext.js
  6. 5. Ember.js
  7. 6. Meteor
  8. 7. Mithril
  9. 8. Node.js
  10. 9. Polymer
  11. 10. Aurelia

Steps for saving JavaScript file

Step 1

Open a text editor and write the JavaScript code.

Step 2

Press Ctrl + S or click on file from menu and click on save.

Step 3

Save the file with .js extension.

Here is the demo of saving JavaScript file using sublime text editor.

elements demo


Save the file of html using .js extension in any text editor.

History of Javascript

Basically The Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995 while he was at Netscape Communications Corporation, the creators of the legendary Netscape Navigator web browser.And at the time, the Java coding language was rapidly gaining traction and Netscape Communications was working to make it available in Netscape Communicator.

In the beginning the early versions of JavaScript were called Mocha. Not long after a Mocha prototype was introduced into Netscape Communicator (May 1995), it was renamed to LiveScript, purely because the world Live was better for marketing. It was renamed again in December of the same year, this time into JavaScript.

For more about Javascript history visit this link

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