Url Encode in HTML

Url is used for the address of a document.URL stands for uniform resource locator. It is used to point the targeted address.For example https://www.webtags.com.pk/  is is the url of website.
It can also used by IP (internet protocol address) address.As the the address of localhost is

* ASCII control characters

According to ASCII control characters unprintable characters typically used for output control.And There character ranges 00-1F hex and 7F .

* Non-ASCII control characters

According to Non-ASCII control characters these are characters beyond the ASCII character set of 128 characters. This range is part of the ISO-Latin character set and includes the entire "top half" of the ISO-Latin.

*Reserved characters

As you you know about Reserved characters these are special characters such as the dollar sign, ampersand, plus, common, forward slash, colon, semi-colon, equals sign, question mark, and "at" symbol. All of these can have different meanings inside a URL so need to be encoded.

*Unsafe characters

Actually unsafe characters are for example quotation marks, less than symbol, greater than symbol, pound character, percent character, Right Square Bracket, Grave Accent etc. These character present the possibility of being misunderstood within URLs for various reasons. These characters should also always be encoded. Thats why url uncoding is used

Syntax of URL


Schemes is explained bellow

  • scheme

     it is used to describe the internet service type suppose http or https

  • prefix

     It is used to define domain prefix as we know that prifix of http is www.

  • donain-name

     It is used to mentioned the name of domain like webtags.com.pk.

  • port-name

     It is used to define the number of port on host as https:// is 443.

  • correct-path

     It is used to point the exact path at the server.

  • name-of-file

     It is used to for the name of targeted document.

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