Basic of bootstrap

Bootstrap is used to make responsive webdesign with less time and less effort.Bootstrap is also very useful in front-end framework for doing more code in less time for designing and development.While using just HTML you have to do many lines of code of css to make a page responsive and attractive,but here in bootstrap you can make grid system in a few lines of code to make a responsive page and more attractive.while making navbars and tabs using just HTML you fall in difficulties and you have to code many more line using html,css and also javascript to make the navbars and tabs responsive for different devices.


It will not be wrong to say that for a resposive webdesign bootstrap is enough! With less time and effort using bootstrap.So keep continue to studying this course .Hope you will enjoy this course.

Advantages of bootstrap

There are many advantages of bootstrap are mentioned below.
1)  While using bootstraps coding you can save much time and efforts during the coding.
2) Another advantage of bootstrap is responsive design and you have not to do many lines of courses of css and javascript.
3) Bootstrap is created with latest browsers and it is useful on almost all browsers.
4) You can easily create tooltips and popovers to show hint text and you have not to use javascript and there will be no loading on your web page.
5) Another advantage of bootstrap is, It is has the ability of Multiple Device Compatibility.

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