blockquote in HTML

Some time when to have a lengthy quotation, for exapmle as a testimonial,or as a section which is the copy of another source, then it will be professionally be mark it up as a blockquote element. It is recommended that the given content within blockquote elements be contained in other elements, such as we suppose that a paragraphs, any headings, or any lists, etc.

The syntax for blockquote:

<blockquote>    This is a blockquoted text....     </blockquote>

The syntax for the q tag.

<q>    quoted text...    </q>

Preformatted text

As we have learned in our previous pages that when we write a paragraph in html document and during this we leave some white spaces but when that pargraph is displayed in the screen all the white spaces have been ignored because browser always ignore the white space given the html document bydefault. But the problem is that when we need some white spaces or we want to display the data as we have entered. For example when we want to show some poetry or piece of code in html code than we have to apply the  pre  tag. It is a unique element in that it is displayed exactly as it is typed—including all the carriage returns and multiple character spaces.

The syntax for pre tag

This is    an example     of
text   with  which is shown 
entered in our html 
with a lot of white spaces.

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