Styling in HTML

Everything about style is described in detail in this page. The style attribute is :
< tagname style = "styleproperty:value ">     ....     </tagname> .   
There are many advantages of style tag in HTML because it make the things in a page very attractive and caused to increase the interest of the user toward your page. Actully the style property and value is css . In CSS3 course we will learn it with detail.

Syntax of style attribute

<tagname style="styleproperty: value"> .... </tagname>

Different properties used in style attribute.

  • style    attribute for styling HTML elements
  • background-color    for background color
  • color    for text colors
  • font-family    for text fonts
  • font-size for    text sizes
  • text-align    for text alignment

Explore more about attributes in our CSS3 course and get more knowlege.

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