Paragraphs in HTML

Paragraph is collection of sentences. In html it is denoted with the tag is given <p> This is dummy paragraph .... </p>. you can adjust the width and height of the paragraph by using hmtl other tag which will be describe in coming lectures. There is a note that Browsers automatically add some white space (a margin) before and after a paragraph.It mean that is bydefault function in browser which will be applied bydefault. The display of paragph some time depend upon the size of screen so you can sure about its display.

Syntax of Paragraph

There are some examples of paragraph tag with example.

<p>This is dummy paragraph using p tag.</p>

white spaces

There are some examples of paragraph tag with example.

This is another dummy,
paragrph which use more than one      line,
This is a paragraph        has   white spaces

Explanation of above paragraraph

Sometime the result of paragraph is not as you are expecting. It depends of the screen resize activites. And if you give some white spaces in you paragraph while the typing in the html document and find that there is no white spacing in the output of the paragraph than don't panic.Because this is not an error while this a bydefault, paragraph ignores the white spaces given there typing in html docuemnt. But if you need to give white spaces the use this entity " &nbsp; " (learn more about entites)

Line break

The syntax of line break tag is  <br/>


If you want to break a line at some targeting position then use <br> tag.

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