Convas in HTML5

In HTML5 as there are many elements, like these elements convas is also a an element which is used to draw amazing graph with its powerful functionality and decrease the difficulties and increases the easiness.To implement this element, javascript is used with it. Convas is also used for compositions and animations.

An example of convase.

convas {
border: 2px solid orange;}
<canvas id="myCanvas" width="200" height="100">
var elem = document.getElementById("myCanvas");
var x = elem.getContext("2d");

Some uses of convas

For Rectangles

Convas is used to draw rectangles

For Paths

Convas is used to make different shapes of path.

For Lines

Convas is used to make different style's of lines

For Bezier

Convas is used to make different bezier curves

For Quadratic

Convas is used to make different quadratic curves

For Images

Convas is used to give different styles to image.

For Gradients

Convas is used to make gradients.

For Styles and Colors

Convas is used in stylig and colors.

For Text and Fonts

Convas is used to give different styles to Text and fonts.

For Pattern and Shadow

Convas is used for making different styles of pattern and shadow.

For Rotation

Convas is used in rotating.

For Scaling

Convas is used for scaling.

For Transform

Convas is used in transform.

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