IFrames in HTML

When somebody want to show a window in a window,to complete this process we use iframes.In this page complete detail of iframes is given. I thought I’d tell you about the iframe element that lets you to embed a separate HTML document or other resource in a document.What you see on the page is You place an inline frame on a page similarly to an image, specifying the source (src) of its content as well as its width and height. The content in the iframe element itself displays on browsers that don’t support the element. This example displays a document called list.html in an inline frame.

Here is an IFrame of webtags in this page.

Syntax of Iframe.

Source code

<iframe src="http://www.webtags.com.pk"></iframe>

Explaination of above code

As you saw the above example with source,There is "iframe" element is used for show webtags.com.pk website in a given container.Here "scr" attribute is used to get the link the target frame.

Set height and width.

Source code

<iframe src="http://www.webtags.com.pk" width="100%" height="300px"></iframe>

Output of above code

Explaination of above code

As you saw the above example with source,There is "iframe" element is used.You can set height and width on iframe tag make it display accourding to your need.In above example the height of the iframe is "300px", and width is given 100%.

Remove the borders

Source code

<iframe src="http://www.webtags.com.pk" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Explaination of above code

When iframe is used it has by default border around it. To remove the border, we use css properties as given in above example with source code.

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