Border Images in CSS3

As in previous tutorial borders are exalained with example and also images in CSS3 are explained. In this tutorial border images with different properties will be explained. Here will some styling applied on a box to make it's corners round and also it's border will be styled with an example. It should be noted that as of this writing, no version of Internet Explorer (not even 9 or 10) supports border images, that the best will be able to do is provide a pleasing and functional fallback color and border style.

Border image properties

The border-image is a shorthand property and it's other following properties of border image in CSS3
1) border-image-source
2) border-image-slice
3) border-image-width
4) border-image-outset
5) border-image-repeat
These all properties are explained below with source code.

Example of image border

<style type="text/css">
div {
  border: 10px solid lightgrey;
  padding: 20px;
  border-image-source: url(img/blog-img/lb-1.jpg);
  border-image-repeat: round;
  border-image-slice: 25;
  border-image-width: 25px;
<div> This is a box </div>

Ouput of above code

This is a box.

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